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     Playing and learning is fun! Try to fill every empty stone in the pyramid with the correct answer to collect antique coins. See how fast you are at finding the answers. Play online with your friends in the Game Center and see who can build their pyramid the fastest with the right answers. Every time you build a pyramid, you can search the ancient sites and secret passageways for the mummy, but you have to hurry because the battery in your flashlight is almost dead… The difficulty of the math problems can be adjusted individually for addition with only positive numbers, addition with +/- numbers, or multiplication. The app is suitable for children who are starting to learn math skills and those who are already math experts and want to keep in top form. Download the app now, practice every day, and show what you know! Requirement: at least iOS 7
Imagine you are an explorer searching the secret passageways of the ancient Egyptian pyramids for the infamous mummy called “Mum”. You almost found it, but the battery in your flashlight is almost dead – will you be able to find the mummy before you are stranded in the pitch black pyramid? Better get moving…
Maths pyramids
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Available in German / English (Other languages will follow)
Play online with your friends in the Game Center