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     Bat-Box is a distance meter. With Bat-Box you can work, play and experiment. Like a bat, the Bat-Box emits sound waves and detects distances to objects in its environment, also in the dark. Measurement range: 0.5 - 2m / 20in - 6.5ft The distances can be displayed in meters, feet and inches. Minimum and maximum of the measurement range of 0.5 to 10m adjustable. So that you can hide annoying echoes in a desired range. Bat-Box displays the distances to the objects it recognises, as well as directly showing sound wave signals with the specific analysis of the echoes and their distances. Requirement: iPhone 3GS, 4 / 4S / 5
For example, suitable for the measurement of empty rooms. Bat-Box is an interesting and cool app that you and your friends will be amazed by. Distance Display mode: The distance to the object with the most significant echo is dispayed. Analysis Mode 1: Only the stronger relevant echoes are shown on the display. This can be influenced by the reception sensitivity or the transmitting power (device volume level). Via a sophisticated analysis of the signal, the attempt is made to show the most relevant echo with the corresponding distance from the front of the device and/or the scrollbar positions itself automatically to this echo. Analysis Mode 2: The sound signals that are measured are shown directly on the display with the corresponding distance. In this way it is possible to experiment and carry out individual analyses.  
Bat-Box  sonar analyzer
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